The Blessing of Separation of Consciousness

The thing about consciousness is that it is at the centre of all experience. And so, if we choose to focus solely upon the background awareness of all experience, then although we have an experience of our being, we actually have less consciousness about our mind and emotions because we are looking past them.

So paradoxically, waking up without healthy integration of the ego is a move into unconsciousness. But by defining the mind as the source of all problems, this increase in unconsciousness can too easily be dismissed as irrelevant to the bigger picture of enlightenment, by those who oversimplify full integrative awakening.

And how could we not take back what we experience into the world of separation? After all, we live in a society of separation. We would not even be able to go to the bathroom without some idea, conscious or unconscious, that we are separate. And what would be the direct effect on all our relationships? So separation and a sense of self is a natural layer of our being. Of course not the deepest but certainly important. The deepest layer is pure basic awareness or consciousness, but experience of that deepest layer does not just negate or erase everything above it.

In non’duality movement and dogmas, ego is a bad word. It is the scourge of humanity… but think about this, without a separate sense of self, what would we really have as a species? We would be no different from most animals that seem to have a limited or missing capacity of self-reflection. We are conscious precisely because we have a deep experience of separation, and that separation does not just dissolve so that we end up where we started. Something is different when we have consciously walked the path to liberation. We do not just have the same consciousness as a newborn baby that has not developed an ego to distract from basic awareness. We integrate the layers of our being rather than erase them. This way we end up with the whole world consciously inside of us, and we become every-thing and no-thing. This is a process of integration, not annihilation.

The important realization that many non-dual movements seem not to grasp is that ego is not self, ego is just a part of the self. So the idea that the self dissolves when ego dissolves is in fact just a process of disowning or negating the ego. What we are actually doing is going on autopilot, we are relinquishing our conscious involvement with self, while at the same time claiming no-self. This is why many supposedly awakend individuals seem to so obviously have self, but one that they are personally blind to because they have made a narrow enough definition of self that can relatively easily be denied. But self remains, how could it not when the individual body and nervous system still remains?

This is not to dismiss the importance of becoming aware of the ground-state of being. Awareness of awareness is fundamental to the process of making the unconscious conscious. Awareness is the backdrop of all experience, and only by becoming conscious of this backdrop are we able to clearly see the props and characters in front of it. The backdrop of awareness provides an anchor by which all things seen and unseen can be assessed. This is why awareness of awareness is so fundamental to consciousness. In itself it seems empty, but in relation to All That Is, it provides the contrast so that all can potentially be seen.

So, after any experience of enlightment, we need to place consciousness back into he centre of our life, back into its rightful role and return to the world of things, but this time in full recognition that things have no ultimate reality, that their nature is ephemeral, although they have some reality. In this way, meaning is invited back as a guest, but not as full-time tenant.

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Fate vs Responsibility

Many among us believe in fate because they have left so much unconscious in the name of enlightment or awakening that all they have left is to sit back and watch the show unfold. That is certainly a choice, but if the ego is not fully healthy and integrated, it is a dangerous one because it involves the denial of responsibility and we know from experience the tragedy to which that inevitably leads.

When humans try to control systems of knowledge and spiritual teachings, non-dual, religious or others, they invariably end up projecting, generation after generation, their psychologies and personalities into them, so that the teachings lead into dogmas, and at some point the abuse associated with defending dogma inevitably arises.

What is most remarkable about the modern non-dual movement is the scale of self-deception. In no other spiritual niche do so many believe that they are awake, even when it is patently obvious they are not, even by their own criteria. Self-deception in non-dual spiritual circles seems endless because their aspirations to non-existence of self and mind are contrary to the human condition. Self and minds exist whether we are spiritually awake or asleep, and trying to convince ourselves and others otherwise is always a losing battle.

In this abnegation of self, “I feel angry” for example becomes “Anger is arising” or “Life is acting”. In this way, we abdicate all responsibility for the expressions of self, while self continues unabated. Perspective and language certainly change, but issues remain. Awakening takes away any chance for those issues to resolve because they can no longer be owned, and ownership is a crucial step in resolving conflicts and psychological issues. Otherwise, our issues are merely set adrift on a sea of unconsciousness processes with the hope that they will spontaneously resolve.

So although most of us do not like the idea that life or the self has no purpose and who really wants to have this as their guideline? there are those who are drawn to it because no self lead to meaninglessness. It provides a worldview in which we are not bound by rules, interpretations, meaning and perceived consequences. This is because absolute rejection and absolute acceptance are, on the deepest level, the same thing.

When we truly love and accept ourselves, we open up to others and that includes their suffering, and from the connections that form from that reaching out we naturally move to minimize suffering whenever and wherever we find it. Kindness becomes our driving force, rather than the enlightenment certificate that satisfies only our spiritual materialism and sense of specialness. We must leave the enlightenment state to those who have nothing better to do, and focus on bringing the light of consciousness into every aspect of our ordinary lives, the lives of those around us, and out to the whole universe. Then and only then do we make a real difference.

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The danger of denying the ego

We are all born with minds that develop naturally to include a sense of separation, and thus appreciation of life. We develop a separate sense of self, the ego, so that we become conscious. And within that consciousness, when we are curious enough, we can eventually uncover the baseline of pure awareness. But to then deny the reality of the mind, or to vilify the separate sense of self, is a form of self-hatred and self-rejection. When we focus on nothing, there is a tendency to reduce everything to nothing, and nothing to everything.

Let’s face it, if we truly went past mind, then we could not function in this world. We would be completely passive, a good impression of which is given by those who believe they are awake. Those who have or give these impressions of enlightenment, the fixed stares, the stiff movements, the self-denial and the general emotional numbness. There is not much natural or human about it.

It is much more valuable to ourselves and society to have an integrated healthy ego then it is to be disidentified from an unhealthy ego. And it is time for those in the non-dual spiritual movements to acknowledge this and stop placing awakening or realization as the primary goal for their followers. Denying the ego is much easier than integrating psychologically. And sure, we can wake up, passing beyond an unhealthy ego, but it will come at a price, especially to those around us, when our shadow is unleashed onto them. For if we do not engage consciously with our issues, they will just live lives of their own, while we keep trying to deny responsibility.

If we have faced abuse at some point in our lives, the first step in healing is to identify with being a victim. If we can’t do that, we can’t heal, because somewhere inside there is a child-self that carries the pain from our early life and really is not responsible for it. So if, for example, we insist that we create our whole reality and that everything that happens to us can thus only be our fault, then healing remains out of our grasp for those aspects of ourselves that are victims. Only when we fully accept victim-hood does it become okay to explore the larger picture of why our soul chose this trauma. And once we accept that everything that happens to us is chosen at a deeper level, then we become free to let go of even reality creation to non-duality. These are the layers of healing. But if we deny our trauma by accepting only the reality of our prime awareness, our trauma festers and our awakening becomes a hollow cover for the pathology inside.

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Our Reality Maps

Our reality-maps or belief systems may look very similar to other people’s, but they are never identical because they are based on experience. And as we know, we all have different life experiences. Our reality-maps are actually the world internalized, which means conversely they are ourselves externalized. Without reality maps, we would not be able to take any action. The only people who do not have functioning reality maps are those that are in deep sleep, in a coma or dead and even in these cases it is still possible that an internal reality-map is still functioning for the inner realms. So the claim that I often hear to try to have no separate self is just not correct for anyone who is not dead, in a coma or in deep sleep. Without a reality-map we could not even locate different rooms in our own home.

The self is also made up of energetic bodies or structures. Do these bodies suddenly disappear or become irrelevant when we deny the self? Do any blocks in them suddenly disappear? The physical body is part of the energetic body, but when we deny the ego, does our body suddenly get a different face or lose its face? And if we had a disease before awakening, does it suddenly disappear? If we are obese, do we suddenly find biological balance? All these are part of the self, so the fact they remain after the ego is denied indicates that aspects of self still persists.

And beyond these are unconscious processes such as the shadow, those parts of ourselves we deny because they contradict our concept of self/ego and these extend into the collective unconscious. Given that these unconscious patterns also define the self, can we ever really be so sure that self is no longer present, when all we have to rely on is our consciousness which by definition is not aware of those aspects of ourselves that are unconscious? The alternative is to believe that when we awaken, everything becomes conscious. But that is just a belief, the mind can never really know.

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Our Power of Exchange

Through a new look at life, where all people and situations are the reflection of what we are; our mind becomes accustomed to its new perceptions of reality. We understand that there is no absolute good and no absolute evil, that there is not necessity to be afraid to do well or fear to do wrong, since the role of our free will is none other than to choose to be ourselves. We are then reconciled with life. We approach it differently, without ever thinking that it is hostile or that it wants to harm us.

From here, we also approach others differently, with more attention for their beauty, for what lives in them, even if they have not yet recognized it themselves. Our power of exchange is then growing in the nonvisible of our energy sphere as well as in the matter. Our power to communicate and to transfer is then translated in a magnetic way, on the one hand, by a greater ability to attract what elevates us and on the other hand to keep at a distance what is not appropriate for us.

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Purpose of the Game

When we have understood that we have separated ourselves as consciousness observing matter, unfolding through our human incarnation and we become fully aware of our connection, as a spiritual being embodied in matter, with the whole universe … a next step comes.

Now we know that there is nothing to escape, to obtain or to become and that we are no longer imprisoned by our system of belief, our actions turn into spontaneous reflections of our true nature. At this point we understand that we are living here in duality to play a game. A game that we used to take so seriously, a game in which we were really scared, where our minds had the most compelling theories to justify each of our fears. A game in which we were sometimes lost, believing that the outside world was the only reality.

It is clear now that all the qualities and weaknesses that we give ourselves are, each time, only a part of what we really are. Because we are always the two polarities at once, the part that we like to make visible has the only objective to keep the other invisible. Once we fully understand this, we understand all the rules of the game.

When we proclaim ourselves great, it is our little who speaks. When we believe to be a victim, it is our own violence that we hide. When we are generous, it is our self-seeking part that is at the origin of action. When we are ruthless, it is based on our kindness. The human being is exactly this incarnated duality.

At a much higher level we have conceived our physical bodies as vehicles, in order to come to experience in a relative world. But before human beings, we are other beings who have the pleasure of manipulating genetics for creating spheres of life like this planet, thus creating on this planet bodies and then having invested in them, we live the human experience.

The sense of this experience is that human beings have emotions that connect them with their external realities. To keep them alive, human beings have been induced by a primary emotion, the fear of dying. So we have created what we call an ego, an independent entity circulating through the dimensions of time and space.

The ego, only conscious of its life in the relative world, will develop from its inner structure the fear of dying. And so the ego generates outside in a perfect polarity, a survival instinct. Since the vehicles we have created operate autonomously, not knowing that they are connected to something infinitely greater, when they create a belief, it becomes their reality.

The human collective is held for thousands of years in this game of matter. Where we live lives of accidents, illnesses, deaths and it is all these traumatic masses that we carry. Those who are able today to mirror themselves are in fact humans going through a process of remembering their true nature. Those who are fully aware of the game that one lives in this temporal body within a relative world, watch their whole lives shift.

How many of our problems become futile. The seriousness we brought to the worldly things loses their intensity and this intensity is transferred to moments that bring joy. Understanding the true meaning of the incarnation, life is accepted, without fear, anger or a sense of obligation … just with the responsibility to play this game that we created. It is at this moment that we succeed in bringing into light the parts of ourselves that are still hidden and that life takes on its full meaning.

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Le but du jeu

Lorsque l’on comprend qu’au plus haut niveau, nous sommes une conscience observant la matière se dérouler à travers notre incarnation humaine. Lorsque l’on prend entièrement conscience de notre lien, en tant qu’être spirituel incarné dans la matière, avec l’univers tout entier… une étape suivante apparait.

On a enfin comprit qu’il n’y a rien à craindre, à fuir, à obtenir, ou à devenir. On sait maintenant avec certitude que nous ne sommes pas des victimes emprisonnés à tout jamais par notre système de croyance et on comprend parfaitement que nos actions deviennent le reflet spontané de notre vraie nature. A ce stade nous comprenons que nous sommes ici dans la dualité pour jouer un jeu. Un jeu que l’on prenait tellement au sérieux. Un jeu où l’on avait vraiment peur, où notre mental avait des théories des plus convaincantes pour justifier chacune de nos peurs. Un jeu dans lequel on s’était perdu, croyant que le monde extérieur était l’unique réalité.

Il est enfin clair et limpide maintenant que toutes les qualités et défauts que l’on se donne, ne sont à chaque fois qu’une partie de ce qu’on est réellement. Nous sommes toujours les deux polarités à la fois, la partie que l’on veut rendre visible n’ayant pour but que de garder l’autre invisible. On comprend alors toutes les règles du jeu.

Lorsqu’on s’affirme grand, c’est notre petit nous-mêmes qui parle. Lorsqu’on se croit victime, c’est notre propre agressivité que l’on cache. Lorsqu’on se montre généreux, c’est notre partie égoïste qui à la base de l’action. Lorsqu’on est méchant, c’est posé sur notre gentillesse. L’être humain est exactement cette dualité incarnée.

A un niveau bien supérieur nous avons conçus nos corps physiques comme des véhicules, afin de venir faire une expérience dans un monde relatif. Mais avant d’être des êtres humains, nous sommes d’autres êtres qui avons le plaisir de manipuler la génétique pour avoir créé des sphères de vie comme cette planète, puis avoir créer sur cette planète des corps, puis avoir investi ces corps pour vivre des expériences humaines.

Le sens de cette expérience étant que les êtres humains aient des émotions qui les connectent avec leurs réalités extérieures. Pour qu’ils restent en vie, on a induit les êtres humains d’une émotion primaire, la peur de mourir.

On a donc fabriqué ce que l’on nomme un égo, une entité indépendante circulant à travers les dimensions de temps et d’espace. L’égo, uniquement conscient de sa vie dans le monde relatif, va développer à partir de sa structure interne la peur de mourir. Ce qui va donc engendrer à l’extérieur dans une parfaite polarité, de la survie. Vu que les véhicules que nous avons créés fonctionnent de manière autonome, ne sachant pas qu’ils sont reliés à quelque chose d’infiniment plus grand, dès qu’ils se mettent à croire quelque chose, cela devient leur réalité.

Le collectif humain est pris depuis des milliers d’années dans ce jeu de la matière. Où nous avons connu vie après vie des accidents, des maladies, des décès, c’est toute cette masse traumatique que nous portons. De là, notre fuite dans nos croyance. Les êtres de lumière sont ceux et celles qui sont aujourd’hui en passe de se souvenir de notre véritable nature. Ceux et celles qui prennent amplement conscience du jeu que l’on vit dans ce corps temporel au sein d’un monde relatif… eux voient leur vie entière changer.

Combien de nos problèmes deviennent futiles. Le sérieux qu’on apportait aux choses mondaines perd de son intensité et cette intensité est transférée vers des moments qui procurent de la joie. Comprenant l’enjeu et le sens de l’incarnation, elle est acceptée, sans peur, sans colère et sans d’obligation… juste avec un sentiment de responsabilité de jouer ce jeu que l’on a créé. C’est à ce moment-là qu’on arrive à faire jaillir en lumière les parts de nous-même encore cachée et que la vie prend désormais tout son sens.

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Authentic Behavior

We cannot stress enough the need to be authentic, to have an honest behavior and that what we express is a true reflection of what we feel inside ourselves. Knowing that when we hide, we deny a part of what we really are and that part will manifest itself in matter through suffering. It is fundamental for all those who wish to begin a process of raising their consciousness, to not only be true in what we express, but also to recognize ourselves through the other. It is here that the significance of mirrors of light takes on its full meaning.

The more we bring attention to what vibrates within ourselves, in any situation and with any person, the more we receive the necessary information for a better understanding of what needs to be healed. By working with this subtle information, what’s hidden becomes much clearer and we become fully aware that what we see in the world helps us to better understand ourselves.

From this stage in which we understand our own healing process, we are able to transmit to others what we truly feel as the source of their problems or suffering. Our healer abilities take place once we do not have the need to be validated, please, conquer, maintain any protocol or take power anymore.

The more we adopt this open and authentic behavior, the more we grow in our own life, the more our level of consciousness evolves. Mirroring makes us fully conscious that each of our vibrations, that everything we emit is in a way, an order that we give to the universe.

As we saw before, each word is a vibratory key. When words are used in particular combinations, mental coherences are created which; once they have entered the energetic structure of the other, change their vibration and therefore the result in matter.

When we reflect ourselves in front of another person and feel what vibrates in us at that moment, we are able to use that relational bridge from where what needs to be said will be expressed. Our words will come out automatically and serve as a vibrational key.

Mirroring offers us much more information than what we just can perceive from the physical world. Obviously in the physical world we see the other as a man or a woman, their age, skin color, status and other physical details, even their mood but we realize that this is only a small part of what is presented to us.

The information that we are looking for resides in our own inner structure. Mirroring is thus an act of constant devotion to stimulate an elevation of consciousness in all the situations that are offered to us. We listen and perceive people in order to move our own structure. Seeing that by mirror effect, the other will automatically move as well. The attempt to be right remains a danger because it will impose a stagnation of our ego and increase our pride.

Any change in our inner structure creates a change in our life and instantly also in the life of others. The mirror effect is immediate. Good or bad is no more than our judgement made on ego level. When we move the structure of a person, it is indeed the energy sphere of that person that changes. And so every time there is an inner change, it shifts our vibrational equation and this change appears concretely in matter.

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Un comportement authentique

On ne peut pas assez insister sur la nécessité d’être authentique, d’avoir un comportement vrai et que ce que nous exprimons soit le reflet véridique de ce que nous ressentons à l’intérieur de nous-mêmes. Sachant que lorsque nous cachons, nous posons un déni sur une partie de ce que nous sommes réellement et que cette partie se manifestera dans la matière à travers la souffrance.

Il est fondamental pour tous ceux qui désirent entamer un processus d’élévation de leur conscience, d’être non seulement vrai dans ce qu’ils expriment, mais également de se reconnaitre à travers l’autre. C’est ici que la qualification d’êtres de lumière prend tout son sens.

Plus on laisse notre corps ressentir ce qui vibre en nous, plus il nous renvoie des éléments nécessaires à une meilleure compréhension de ce que nous sommes en train de contempler. A force de travailler avec cette information subtile, l’information jusque-là cachée devient plus claire, plus en lumière et nous renvoie encore plus d’information.

Un être de lumière est conscient dans ses rapports avec le monde extérieur, des opportunités qui s’offrent à lui pour mieux se comprendre. Il a pleine conscience que l’on peut transmettre à l’autre ce que l’on voit vraiment et n’éprouve pas le besoin d’être valider ou de plaire et conquérir ou encore de prendre pouvoir ou d’entretenir quelconque protocole. Plus on adopte ce comportement ouvert et authentique, plus notre niveau de conscience évolue.

Un être de lumière est également conscient que chacune de ses vibrations, chaque chose qu’il émet est en quelque sorte un ordre qu’il donne à l’univers. Il en est de même avec les mots. Chaque mot est une clé vibratoire. Lorsqu’on utilise les mots dans des combinaisons particulières, on créée des cohérences mentales qui une fois rentrée dans la structure énergétique du sujet vont en modifier l’aspect et donc le résultat dans la matière.

Lorsqu’un être de lumière se trouve en face d’une personne dans une situation bien précise, il perçoit bien plus que ce qu’il voit dans la matière Il voit évidemment un homme ou une femme, son âge, la couleur de sa peau, son statut et autres détails physiques mais il réalise que tout cela n’est qu’une infime partie de ce qui se présente devant lui. L’information essentielle se trouve dans sa propre structure interne à lui, là où elle vibre en ce moment.

Un être de lumière se dévoue à engendrer une élévation de conscience dans toutes les situations qui s’offrent à lui. Il écoute et perçoit les personnes en face de lui dans le but de refléter sa propre structure interne et de la faire bouger. Sachant que par effet miroir, il fera automatiquement bouger la structure de l’autre également.

En effet, un changement dans notre structure crée un changement dans notre vie et instantanément aussi dans la vie du sujet. L’effet miroir est immédiat. Lorsque l’on fait bouger la structure, c’est en effet la vie que l’on fait bouger car la vie est le résultat absolu de cette sphère énergétique dans laquelle nous la vivons. Et donc chaque fois que nous faisons une expérience qui modifie l’intérieur, cela modifie notre équation vibratoire et ce changement apparait concrètement dans la matière.

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Life as the Solution

The fact of living our life is enough, without seeking it, without fleeing it. Life can really be seen as a great movie in which the roles we play create the energy movements needed to solve the many equations that arise from our inner structure. Situations always come into play, offering us the opportunity to solve the equations. In this sense one can clearly say that life is the perfect solution.

If we live life, without fighting, without blocking it, without trying to cheat, just by understanding our emotions, new parameters are offered that will move our inner structure, through which our evolution is realized, quite naturally. Life is already the solution to life. Everything else is a set of theories and mental loopholes to try to adjust and control the role that we play.

All the methods and doctrines that help us to face life and its sufferings only reinforce the feeling that life is a struggle. Living is then seen as a struggle taking place in an aggressive world. A world that we perceive only outside ourselves, that has no connection with our inner structure. And as we have seen before, if this is what we believe, that is what we experience.

The purpose of life, through all of our experiences, is to simply inquire into our emotions, understanding they are only reflections of what lives in us. Our higher being makes us incarnate as a human connected with matter by a physical and emotional body, to live the experiences that we live.

The feelings and emotions we feel animate our structure and cause changes at all levels. At the level of our higher being we are destined to flow in a direction through which we live the emotions we have to live. At the level of the human being, a number of choices are offered to us every day, always depending upon the awareness we have of our inner structure. And so we ​​constantly live the result of our vibrational equations.

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