The Power of Change

It would bring us further as humanity to understand how our perspective of what’s going on in the world is limited to the facts, or so called facts, communicated by the media. Let us zoom out and see if we may have a better view on the forces manipulating the brain of the masses.

Regardless of our feelings on the changes our world knows, weather on local or global level, we must keep in mind that we alone are responsible for our individual lives by the countless choices we make each day.

By either believing that one person or one government is going to save or change our entire life or by believing that one person is going to ruin our entire life gives away our own personal power.

By either being saddened or thrilled by the people in charge politically, financially or spiritually is extremely dis-empowering. Though each person has every right to feel how they want, it must be remembered that true power comes from within.

Every person has the choice how they wish to respond to what the media decide to bring. Are we going to wither away in frustration, anger and despair or are we going to make choices that help us to become the best person we can be?

On the opposite side, are we going to sit back and believe our personal challenges are going to be fixed thanks to a right government or are we going to take action to become the best person we can be? Regardless of who we support, we all need to reclaim our personal power and continue the trek towards bettering and healing ourselves, even if it is in the smallest of ways.

On a wider scale, this change gives us a collective choice to the world we wish to live in. Do we wish to seek peace with other people and other countries? Do we wish to have dialogue with nations previous administrations demonized? Do we wish to communicate with and try to understand other people’s viewpoints or are we going to remain closed off to such opportunities for personal and collective healing and growth?

Additionally, are we going to continue to allow group-think to dominate our society by letting the media tell us what to believe, or are we going to begin gathering information from several sources to arrive at our own conclusions? Are we going to question leaders more and demand answers that are truthful and unbiased towards any specific agenda?

Will we do this both on a local and mass level? Are we going to work towards cooperation or continue to live in a dying standard of competition?

Let us see this change as a massive turning point in our world’s evolution and have full trust that we will look back at this time and see this as a positive, yet challenging event in that it empowered more people to begin taking action to create the kind of world they wish to live in.

This turning point is allowing us all to shift our perception of the world and to initiate action towards creating a more peaceful, happy and abundant world for all.

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Emancipated World Community

The most valuable human project of our time starts by the recognition of our submission to a massive generalized crisis in which the quintessence of life is substituted by artificial form. Today, this crisis covers the entire world and infiltrates all societies through the tyranny of profit. But Humanity has the potential to create its future. So our choice is:

Or we keep on with this infinite chaos of endless reproduction of superficial goods.

Or we act toward the emergence of an emancipated World Community, implementing the Natural, enjoying the Essential, connecting again with the Sacred, by adopting a behavior that reflects the authenticity of the Human Spirit.

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Predicting your Future?

How many among us look into Astrology? Many indeed! The reasons people do are usually the same: a desire for a better understanding of themselves; a need to be in control of their future; a wish to learn more about the Universe; and so on.

Not surprisingly, these are things Astrology provides with ease. There are Natal Charts, which give the person a detailed report of their complete personality; these also claim to give a glimpse of what that person’s future will look like. Some even directly claim to let people know what their future will look like.

With so many alternatives for knowledge, for many, Astrology seems like The Solution. The question I like to bring here is: are there negative effects? And if there are, what are they?

For many, Astrology works for more inner knowledge and as a tool for predicting the future. But the truth is there’s much more in Astrology that affects the person behind the scenes rather than just giving them a better self-understanding.

Since we’re constantly worried about being part of something and belonging somewhere, it’s normal that we’d consider identifying ourselves with something good. But, the thing is, by doing so, there’s something very important we’re inevitably forgetting and perhaps not even realizing: We are not our behavior.

Identity is the set of beliefs, based on our behavior that we accept about ourselves by which we live. It’s not who we are, it’s who we believe we are.

We use this “Identity” mindset to justify behavior, to judge the behavior of others and to give us an excuse to continue on with a certain patterned behavior. And this is detrimental because it hinders our ability to grow.

Astrology does precisely this. It creates the idea that we have an identity, a static personality, and that we can only act based on that personality.

This also means that if in our Natal Chart there’s such thing as a block or an emotional dependence, there’s no way to extinguish it. We’re doomed to live with it forever.

How does it work? It uses our need to know who we are to make us identify with things we like to hear. Then, because we identify with the good things, we need to accept, if the good things were right, that the bad ones must be right too. Ultimately we find ourselves not knowing how to outgrow either.

Finally, it hinders our relationships because it amplifies problems or even creates problems that were maybe not even there to begin with.

Ironically enough, most people feel precisely the opposite when it comes to Astrology. They feel they have more control because they already know what’s going to happen next. And this is exactly why the people who believe this are, oftentimes, so powerless.

One of the largest misconceptions there are, comes from believing we can predict the future.
Well, that could only be true if the future were to be a linear thing, one single, direct line leading us towards our course. But, as we all know, that is never the case.

So, if the future itself can’t be predicted. At least, not in the ways that we think we know. It can only be chosen.

And here is the root of the problem. Obviously we are constantly moving towards our future. But if we aren’t choosing it, then who is?

This is precisely where Astrology comes in. First, it makes people believe it can predict their future. Then, it puts someone else in charge of it with the use of horoscopes or cards. No wonder why people think they already know what’s going to happen next, they’ve already accepted what their future is going to look like.

So, essentially, Astrology takes away the power to choose our future, and makes us accept one which we didn’t create.

And from there, we always feel the need to put someone else in the front seat of our life which gives us the idea we’re predicting what’s going to happen to us when, in fact, we’re simply accepting a path we didn’t design.

Alongside with taking away our power to create our own future, this practice also has another concerning consequence in our lives. But, first, let’s do a quick check on the effects Astrology has on us when we follow it, shall we?

First, it limits our minds and relationships, by telling us who we are and influencing our sense of identity.

Then, it makes us believe it can predict the future which serves brilliantly to make us accept whatever future they come up with.

Next, we accept that future and whatever else they tell us will happen and turn it into a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Astrology does precisely this. It tells us a possible future and then we play a movie in our head with it. So, in fact, Astrology didn’t predict the future, it installed one in our head which we followed. This is very different.

And just as different as it is, actually, it’s also quite dangerous. If we let Astrology’s predictions become a self-fulfilling prophecy, we lose the potential to create a future in which we are in tune with our inner voices. And we should all consider this.

In the end, we’re all here with one specific goal: to create our own paths and follow them. How can we do that, if we give that power away?

These are just some foods for thought. The purpose of this article is to make us aware of what happens when we follow Astrology and believe it. However, the choice to do so or not, is entirely up to each one of us.

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A new Form of Colonialism

The belief that the world is getting overpopulated is a western ego-centric concept. The West is afraid of having to share some of their excesses with, what they call the developing countries in Asia, Africa and Latin America. After hundreds of years of violent domination by the West over these continents, we are heading to a new form of colonialism.

The desires of population reduction and faraway wars are most likely the unconscious results of decades of horrendous mass-propaganda making us believe that wars are necessary, wars are normal, wars keep the world in balance. The truth is, that wars are only created to keep the pyramidal-based system, growing.

It should be obvious for everyone how the corporate media are propagating justifications after justifications for continuous conflicts and killing. Today the mass-media has the perfect knowledge to rationalize wars by manufacturing danger and terror. And they get an amazing result cause, what do we see?

The masses are asking for more police and military protection; not disagreeing with more wars in far-away overseas places. And what is the reason given? For the so-called protection of their comfort. masses are so brainwashed and afraid that they gladly give away their civil rights.

When will the People open their eyes to these flagrant human atrocities of an ever manipulating elite? Does any nation believe to be safe? Or is that how humanity wants to be remembered? The race that did exterminate itself?

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Behind our Identity, we are a Universal Spirit

It doesn’t matter what sort of a body we showed up in this life, in which country we were born or what religion we are affiliated with. Ultimately, there are no Africans, Asians or Americans. Nor are there Christians, Muslims or Buddhists. Those are not more than classifications made to distinguish us from one another in our present form. Precisely as the name we carry, knowing very well, we are not that name.

Identities are found in a temporary phase. In a time point in what we call life, an individual expression of eternity. Once this statement is completely understood, we don’t feel the desire to fight the battle of our ancestors. We don’t have the need to love what they loved and hate who they hated. And so we no longer participate in the tribal consciousness in which we perceive ourselves to be so different than another by virtue of our nationality, beliefs or skin color.

Our freedom depends largely from how we are able to let go of our identifications. By choosing to walk away from our tribal ancestral history. We need to understand that these ego identifications have been the source of wars and of the slaughter of hundred and millions of human beings. And comprehend that seeing ourselves as universal beings without ethnic or cultural identities, is a wonderful and very effective way to transform our world and reach a sacred place for all of humanity.

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Au-delà de notre identité, réside un esprit universel

Ni le pays, ni même le corps dont nous avons hérité n’ont de réelle importance. Il en va de même pour les cultures et les religions auxquelles nous avons été conformés. Dans l’absolu, il n’existe pas d’Africains, ni d’Asiatiques, ni d’Américains. Pas plus qu’il n’y a de chrétiens, de musulmans ou de bouddhistes. Toutes ces appellations ne sont que des étiquettes qui, évidement nous aident à nous distinguer les uns des autres, mais sans pour cela définir ce que nous sommes réellement. Un peu comme le nom que nous portons, qui n’est qu’un label, mais ne définit en rien ce que nous sommes réellement.

Ces appellations données à la forme que nous prenons actuellement désignent la phase temporaire dans laquelle nous nous trouvons. Une phase précise dans le temps linéaire, une forme unique et individuelle représentant l’éternité ici et maintenant. Tout attachement supplémentaire nous éloigne de notre réelle essence.

Lorsque ce message est entièrement compris, nous ne nous sentons plus appelés à mener le combat de nos ancêtres. Nous ne nous sentons plus forcés à aimer ce qu’ils aimaient ou à devoir détester ce qu’ils détestaient. Nous cessons ainsi la conscience tribale dans laquelle nous nous percevons, différent de l’autre en fonction de notre nationalité, de nos croyances ou de la couleur de notre peau.

C’est notre liberté qui est en jeu. En effet, la délivrance profonde dépend largement de la façon dont nous nous percevons, du lâcher prise de nos identifications et de notre choix de laisser derrière nous notre histoire tribale et ancestrale. Ces identifications egocentriques qui ont été à la source de tant de guerres et de la mort de centaine de millions d’êtres humains. Apprenons tous à nous voir comme des êtres universels, sans identité ethnique ou culturelle. Rien de plus effectif pour tous ceux qui espèrent un jour voir notre monde se transformer en un lieu sacré pour toute l’humanité.

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Aldila’ delle nostre identità, siamo tutti uno spirito universale

Non importa con che forma di corpo ci siamo presentati in questa vita, in quale paese siamo nati o a quale religione ci sono affiliati; in sostanza, non ci sono africani, asiatici o americani, né vi sono cristiani, musulmani o buddisti, queste sono limitanti classificazioni fatte solo per distinguerci gli uni dagli altri. Lostesso vale per il nome che portiamo, non siamo neppure quel nome.

L’identità si trova solo in una fase temporanea, in un punto del tempo, in quella che chiamiamo vita, espressione individuale di eternità. Una volta che ci sara’ chiaro questo concetto, non sentiremo piu’ il desiderio di combattere la battaglia dei nostri antenati, non sara’ piu’ necessario amare cio’ che loro amavano, o diare quello che loro odiavano e non ci percepiremo piu’ diversi dagli altri in virtù della nostra nazionalità, credenze o colore della pelle.

In sostanza, la nostra libertà dipende in gran parte da quanto siamo capaci di lasciar andare le nostre identificazioni e di allontanarci dalla nostra storia ancestrale . Rendiamoci conto che proprio queste identificazioni dell’Io sono state la fonte di guerre e del massacro di centinaia di migliaia di esseri umani, dobbiamo vedere noi stessi come esseri universali, senza identità etniche o culturali. Questo cambio di veduta sarebbe un modo meraviglioso e molto efficace per trasformare il nostro mondo e per farlo diventare un luogo sacro per tutta l’umanità.

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Atrás de nossas identidades, todos nós somos um Espírito Universal

Não importa que tipo de corpo apresentamos nesta vida, em que país nascemos ou que religião professamos. Em última análise, não há africanos, asiáticos ou americanos. Nem há cristãos, muçulmanos ou budistas. Isto não são mais do que classificações feitas para nos distinguir uns dos outros em nossa forma atual. Definitivamente, até mesmo o nome que levamos, sabemos muito bem, não possuímos esse nome.

As identidades são encontradas numa fase temporária, em um ponto no tempo que chamamos de vida, uma expressão individual da eternidade. Uma vez que esta afirmação seja completamente compreendida, não sentimos o desejo de lutar a batalha de nossos antepassados. Não temos a necessidade de amar o que eles amavam e odiar o que eles odiavam. E assim não mais participamos na consciência tribal em que percebemos a nós mesmos como sendo tão diferentes do outro, em virtude de nossa nacionalidade, crenças ou cor da pele.

A nossa liberdade depende em larga medida da forma como somos capazes de desistir de nossas identificações, ao escolher nos afastarmos da nossa história ancestral tribal. Precisamos entender que essas identificações do ego têm sido a fonte de guerras e do massacre de centenas e milhões de seres humanos. E compreender que nos ver como seres universais sem identidades étnicas ou culturais, é uma maneira maravilhosa e muito eficaz para transformar nosso mundo e chegar a um lugar sagrado para toda a humanidade.

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Poza naszą tożsamością, wszyscy jesteśmy Uniwersalnym Duchem

Nie ma znaczenia, w jakim ciele pojawiliśmy się w tym życiu, w jakim kraju się urodziliśmy i jaką religię wyznajemy. Ostatecznie, nie ma Afrykanów, Azjatów i Amerykanów. Podobnie jak nie ma chrześcijan, muzułmanów i buddystów. Są to jedynie klasyfikacje wprowadzone w celu odróżnienia nas od siebie w naszej obecnej postaci. Dokładnie tak samo jak imieniem, które nosimy, wiedząc doskonale, że nie jesteśmy tym imieniem.

Z tożsamością mamy do czynienia w fazie doczesnej. W punkcie czasu, który nazywamy życiem, indywidualnym przejawem wieczności. Po tym, jak to stwierdzenie staje się dla nas całkowicie zrozumiałe, nie czujemy pragnienia, aby walczyć o to, o co walczyli nasi przodkowie. Nie mamy potrzeby kochania tego, co oni kochali i nienawiści wobec tych, których oni nienawidzili. Tym sposobom nie uczestniczymy już w plemiennej świadomości, w której postrzegamy siebie jako tak bardzo różniących się od innych z racji naszej narodowości, przekonań i koloru skóry.

Nasza wolność zależy w dużej mierze od tego, jak bardzo jesteśmy w stanie pozbyć się tego, co nas identyfikuje, decydując się na odejście od plemiennej historii naszych przodków. Musimy zrozumieć, że te nasze identyfikacje bywają źródłem wojen i rzezi setek, a nawet milionów istot ludzkich. A także pojąć, że postrzeganie siebie jako istot uniwersalnych bez tożsamości etnicznej czy kulturowej, jest wspaniałym i bardzo skutecznym sposobem na przekształcenie naszego świata i uzyskanie świętego miejsca dla całej ludzkości.

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Más allá de nuestra identidad existe un espíritu universal

Ni el país, ni siquiera el cuerpo que hemos heredado, tienen una importancia real. Ocurre lo mismo con las culturas y las religiones a las que nos han adscrito. En el absoluto no existen africanos, ni asiáticos, ni americanos. Como tampoco hay cristianos, musulmanes ni budistas. Todos estos apelativos son únicamente etiquetas que, por supuesto, nos ayudan a distinguirnos los unos de los otros, pero sin definir lo que somos en realidad. Es un poco como el nombre que llevamos, que es una etiqueta pero no define en nada lo que somos realmente.

Estos apelativos asignados a la forma que adoptamos actualmente designan la fase temporal en la que nos encontramos. Una fase precisa en el tiempo lineal, una forma única e individual que representa la eternidad aquí y ahora. Todo apego suplementario nos aleja de nuestra esencia real.

Cuando este mensaje es comprendido en su totalidad, ya no nos sentimos llamados a librar el combate de nuestros antepasados. Ya no nos sentimos obligados a amar a quienes ellos amaban ni a tener que odiar a quienes ellos odiaban. Abandonamos así la conciencia tribal en la que nos percibimos, distinta de la otra en función de nuestra nacionalidad, nuestras creencias o el color de nuestra piel.

Lo que está en juego es nuestra libertad. Efectivamente, la liberación profunda depende en gran medida de la manera en que nos percibimos a nosotros mismos, de no aferrarnos a nuestras identificaciones y de nuestra elección de dejar atrás nuestra historia tribal y ancestral. Esas identificaciones egocéntricas que han estado en el origen de tantas guerras y en el de la muerte de centenares de millones de seres humanos. Aprendamos todos a vernos como seres universales, sin identidad étnica o cultural. Nada más eficaz para todos los que esperan ver un día cómo nuestro mundo se transforma en un lugar sagrado para toda la humanidad.

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