Abeer Moneim – Cairo / Egypt

How did you develop this literary genre that you term ‘philofiction’?

I’m most at ease with interactions that occur through dialogue, both in real life and with literature, which explains why I choose to use dialogue in my writing. Fiction offers me the opportunity to invite my readers to partake in a tale or a fable- an imaginary story- with the purpose of communicating real messages pertaining to philosophical or spiritual matters. This genre of literature not only gives me immense freedom, but also permits me to propel my readers to new dimensions. In terms of its literary essence, I prefer simplistic language, which is a powerful tool when it comes to dealing with existential questions and other great matters of life.

About Alex Mero

Author of "Legend of a Nomad" and soon to come, "The Lucid Voice". Novels based on spirituality and philosophy, written in a fictional setting
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